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Story of Logo

M Cloud Design is co-found by Mr Melvyn Leong and Mr Woon Da Jun. The logo comprises of the chinese character '雲' which represents Mr Woon's surname in chinese and the character 'm' represents Melvyn. It shows the innovation and thought given in the finest details which can be observed in all our projects.

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Our Team


Melvyn Leong

Spectacular Design

Why Choose Us

We believe the best relationship between us and our client is found on trust. Only when we truly understand every customer's needs, we can provide a creative vision to make sure personalities and priorities align. Space planning and functionality maximizing living comfort and purposes.

We place ourselves as contractor to provide the best value for our customers and ease of coordinating every aspect of renovation works, while being aesthetically open to any plans or drawings customer may choose to bring in.

  • Get the best savings for prices at contractor rate.
  • Visualise your final design as we customise to your needs.
  • Huge variety of material to choose from for your finishings.